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Day 9 Newport Trip

Start of Day 10

Position: 32° 56.6123' N 068° 50.6773' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are motoring
We get short gusts of wind from time to time and it gets us going for 10 minutes and then stops so we are constantly putting out and rolling up sails and also stopping engines and starting engines because the wind drives us faster than the engine does but it doesnt last long
I can just imagine how it must have been for the the old days sailors who had no engines and they spent days wallowing with no chance of moving forward
At least we have an engine albeit with now very limited diesel to fuel it. We left Grenada with 173 liters diesel and have had to motor over 63 hours due to no wind and another 18 hours to charge batteries because this boat has no solar or wind alternative power sources and the Lithium batteries although they are great in supplying power you have to nurse them well and make sure you dont let them discharge too much as well as be careful you dont overcharge them thus when sailing at great speed you still have to run the engine to charge them up once to twice a day (only because we are running power hungry equipment on the boat) and this boat has lots of toys to play with

Anyway I hope we have wind again soon to get us there as as of tonight we are rationing fuel to four litres a day and 5 litres for the entrance into the harbour

People: we are both fine
Speed: 4.7 KTS under engine
Wind: 2 kts Northerly
Distance 93 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: its pretty flat at the moment like a blue glass table that has a small yacht disturbing it

24-hour mileage: 93 miles with around 530 miles still to go to Newport and now past half way with an estimate of 1326 miles sailed of the 1856 total miles

Not Much to report today again because its calm and we are motoring
We hope to find wind in the next few days now but who knows the universe does what it wants
Last night i cooked up a big pot of stew so poor John will be eating Stew and Bolognaise for the next six days and I still have fresh veggies to feed him after that
I am sure when he arrives he is going to dive into a hamburger joint and get something different from my cooking



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