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Day 11 Newport Trip

Start of Day 12

Position: 36° 54.6174' 069° 50.2833' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing very fast
Last night we put away the Gennaker and opened the Genoa and it was a good idea as the winds picked up and we were bulleting along all night and even touching 11 knots at times and are now much closer to arriving
I still like taking longer and having a more stable and easy ride and John has a *need for Speed* and pushes the boat to its limits but we just put the Gennaker back up and now we will go even faster I expect

Well now while writing all hell broke loose and we were seriously overpowered so out we went and put the sails back to the previous configuration and now we are sailing well again. The wind subsides just long enough to give a sense that its dropping then it sends a long gust to put a thumb to its nose and say I got you again ha ha so we have decided to keep the genoa out and let it play its games and we will just ride the wind given

People: we are both fine
Speed: 7 to 11 KTS in big variations
Wind: 15 kts South Westerly
Distance 178 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: its pretty bumpy at the moment but in ok sailing conditions

24-hour mileage: 178 miles with around 282 miles still to go to Newport with an estimate of 1574 miles sailed of the 1856 total miles

Yesterday brought no real excitement and because i had prepared food while it was calm preparing food was easy. John doesnt like hot spices in his food so what I did is serve his dinner and then cook mine a little longer after adding a teaspoon or two of hot sauce and that way we both get the tastes we enjoy
Last night i took a spoon of hot sauce and ate the whole thing as is and wow it was like an exploding stove it was super hot so I had to wait a while before eating to allow my taste buds to recover but when I did the food was delicious

Our estimate of arrival i moved to one day later now so we should arrive on Wednesday sometime.

I wish you all a wonderful day



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