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Day 5 Newport trip

Start of Day 6

Position: 25° 10.7063' N 066° 12.5206' W

Boat: All good with the boat and sailing very well.
Since we are using the code 3 (another name for a huge sail biggest is code 0)even though the winds have dropped to 6 and 7 knots in the day this sail manages to get this boat going . We were turning the wind speed into boat speed with a factor of 90% and at one time we were sailing as fast as the wind with 7 knots wind and 7 knots boat speed (I have never done that before so another first for me)
I wonder what a code zero would do but i just am not willing to give it a go now
Sea state is comfortable and we are going along at good speed

People: we are both fine
Speed: 78 to 9 KTS
Wind: 10 kts south easterly
Distance 159 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: good with average swells of 1 m

24-hour mileage: 159 miles with around 1007 miles still to go to Newport and now 842 miles covered

Things on the boat are settled and all is well
We have settled in and shifts are working well. John believes we will only take 5 more days so we will see and his weather routing software seems to back it up. I still download the daily grib files(wind speed and direction) and mine show a full day of no wind at all so maybe that magical code zero will help produce soe at that time
If Johns prediction s correct then we have bought too much food for the journey but we will be able to eat it while we wait in the marina in quarantine again until our flights to LAX and Papeete on August the 1st
For those who have read the airticket saga this additional journey was added because Grenada authorities and American airlines could not come to agreement on testing for covid before passengers got on the planes so Grenada stopped them flying and guess who our tickets were booked on. After we got the news that AA were not flying we discussed the options of taking Crazy Sophia to Miami and getting the flight from there but this delivery came up so John negotiated with the owners and here we are sailing to Newport north of New York to deliver a very new and fast boat to their owners. and thus get into the USA to make our connection home to our boats
Each window we move through lands us in a new adventure and we keep moving forward towards those flights home (at least those are confirmed for now)

A strange thing again is that now we have moved back into the Deep Atlantic Ocean we havent seen very many flying fish, in the Caribbean sea there were hundreds and we had to clean decks every day but now i have only seen one in 3 days (I know you think i should look harder ) but on the trip to Brazil and back it was the same its almost like this ocean is dead. I know its not because there are waves and smaller amounts of sarghasm weed still but its just not the same

Knowing today is Jade my nieces birthday makes realise how remote we get when doing very long journeys with snippets of news coming in and not much to say about them and sometimes i wonder if we are better off or not because we sail day by day not knowing how the rules are changing at our destination and if new hurdles are being thrown up before us that we will have to overcome before we can climb aboard our boat homes and finally say we made it home. The good part of it all is I am still traveling the world while we dodge Covid and find ways around the maze and obstacle course

And with every one of you you have a similar challenge within different circumstances



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