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Day 3 Newport Sailing trip

Start of Day 4

Position: 20° 08.4520' N 064° 42.0448' W

Boat: All good with the boat and sailing very well. Its bumpy most of the time but getting used to that now
Yesterday we had two squalls one of 35 kts and we tried putting the third reef in but the reefing lines were too short so while we were messing around the wind dropped and we reset the sail to two reefs and all was well even though i was soaked from spray over the decks and rain that hurt ti skin as it hit from the wind
the second squall wasnt as bad so we just rode it out and while we were back in the cockpit we made a new line so we can now put the third reef in if we need it but i am hoping we wont

wind at the moment is around 12 kts coming from 140 degrees and this boat does not like running so we are constantly changing course to fit the wind but we still are sailing at 6 kts average

People: we are both fine
Speed: 6 to 6.5 to KTS
Wind: 10 kts south easterly
Distance 170 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: Choppy but good with average swells of 2m

24-hour mileage: 170 miles with around 1323 miles still to go to Newport

We have completed three full days of sailing and we have completed a little over 520 sea miles which isnt bad considering
Yesterday was pretty ordinary except for the squalls
We got news from Bev that the whole of USA is implementing a quarantine period for entry which is ironical as they are the biggest spreaders and worst hit with cases however I believe the local governmental agencies are taking their own decisions now in spite of the president and setting controls to keep things in order and gain some control
THe news we got also says if we test clear on arrival we will only have two days of quarantine and that means so long as we arrive more than three days befor our departures to LAX and Papeete we should be fine
We also heard that on arrival in Papeete we have to how a test result not older than three days old that we are clear then they do a quick test and if we are clear there is no quarantine there but they will issue us a test kit and we have to go to a health facility to test again and if that is negative on we can go so it seems we will have been tested and cleared six times before we can get back to our boats IF the rules dont change again in the next days before we arrive in Newport

Right now we just have to see how things turn out



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