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Day 4 Newport trip

Start of Day 5

Position: 22° 33.4337' N 065° 45.4871' W

Boat: All good with the boat and sailing very well.
We spent two hours yesterday putting up the code three sail and the reason it took so long is because the specialised equipment the owners bought to fit it hadnt been used for around 5 months so it had siezed and the roller restraining strap had broken so we had to spend time servicing them and making plans for the strap
No longer had we put it out and the wind came up and we had to put it away again
But this morning we got it out and now the boat is saiing 8 knots in 12 knots of wind and reaching 10 knots at times
wind at the moment is around 12 kts coming from 111 degrees so we are flying along

People: we are both fine its just very hot in the boat so we spend as much time as possible outside in the cockpit
Speed: 8 to 10 to KTS
Wind: 12 kts south easterly
Distance 157 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: good with average swells of 1m

24-hour mileage: 157 miles with around 1165 miles still to go to Newport and now 683 miles covered

Things on the boat are settled and all is well and twice yesterday we sailed past debris in the water the first being a bouy which had broken loose and was drifting in the ocean but that would not have caused too much damage if we had hit it the second was a bundle of floating nets the size of the boat and that would have caused chaos if we had hit it. the boat would have come to a dead stop in seconds with the nose diving and possibility of going over end to end and well if that happens your imagination can go wild seeing me learn to practice being a seagull and not even saying what the boat would look like inside
Good thing we sailed past it
This boat has a lithium battery system and i have been doing a lot of research on those over the last few years and never buying them because they are simply too expensive for me so instead i have been replacing batteries every 4 years (4 of them each time) and managing that way but now that i have seen how these batteries perform i have renewed interest because two of these batteries could replace 4 of my conventional ones and they can be used longer before charging as well as they last for up to 10 years compared to my 4 years maybe i will win the lottery one day



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