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Hello all Well the New adventure started with a big bang On the 30th of November I was in Carriacou anchored in safe water right at the back ofthe mooring field and having a quiet evening with winds of around 20 knots blowing from the shore A 65ft French boat had anchored between myself  and the shore and the winds were not bad especially as I saw he had a huge anchor and 12 to 15 mm chain on his anchor so I wasnt worried  Well something made me look up at around 7.25 pm and I saw the boat was moving so I called on the radio but got no response and suddenly I heard the most enormous bang as his boat hit mine with his length he was across both hulls  I ran out and started fending him off but he was soo heavy it was almost impossible so with adrenalin pumping i managed to move his boat such that it was only on one hull but my chain was very tight so it was catching on his rudder and sawing it while his boat was thrusting against mine and smashing my hull piece by piece This
 Hi to my friends and family Many of you already know that I have bought the catamaran Galileo and have spent a lot of time getting her ready to sail the Caribbean for the season  Its a 36ft boat with loads of space and is quite comfortable When I got it it was a mess and i have managed to transform her inot a home and although i still have a lot of work to do to finalise getting her ready for my standard it will happen I have moved her from Grenada to Carriacou and am at anchor here for a week or three I am sure you all know this will be a big change in my sailing life and i am looking forward to the life change once again With this post it signals te start of my new adventures and i will be posting on a regular basis from now on so look forward to it