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Hello all

Well the New adventure started with a big bang

On the 30th of November I was in Carriacou anchored in safe water right at the back ofthe mooring field and having a quiet evening with winds of around 20 knots blowing from the shore

A 65ft French boat had anchored between myself  and the shore and the winds were not bad especially as I saw he had a huge anchor and 12 to 15 mm chain on his anchor so I wasnt worried 

Well something made me look up at around 7.25 pm and I saw the boat was moving so I called on the radio but got no response and suddenly I heard the most enormous bang as his boat hit mine with his length he was across both hulls 

I ran out and started fending him off but he was soo heavy it was almost impossible so with adrenalin pumping i managed to move his boat such that it was only on one hull but my chain was very tight so it was catching on his rudder and sawing it while his boat was thrusting against mine and smashing my hull piece by piece

This tokk part for around 45 mins before a gallant savior arrived and I was able to pass him a rope to pull the stern off my chain and the monster slid away from Galileo on the starboard side

Once the boats were untangled I was able to call on the radio and a lady on Tangarae 11 called all the restuarants along the coast and managed to find the owners who enlisted a local motorbot to bring them out to the boat

While finding the owners I put my anchor down again away from the crash site and got onto my dingy and motored around 1.5mles offshore to assist with stopping the fancy boat from going onto the rocks and we found that he had around 16m of chain out to hold his 28 to 30 ton boat and when he put this anchor down he was in 8 m of water (not what his report says however after finding the boat locked I pulled his chain up by hand so I could put a line on it and pull it away from the rocks.

Around 20 minutes after I got to his boat out to sea the owner and three men arrived and opened the boat and started the engine and took control of the boat .

So after that I had to get back to the boat and sit down and start assessing the real damage and here are a few photos to see

Inside looking out

On Friday a surveyor cam out with the owner and surveyed the damage and confirmed my fears of how substantial the damage was

since then not much correspondence has been flowing because the French insurance company are claiming that its physically not possible that the other boat could have caused so much damage to mine and are disputing my story

I have been trying to get reports from all those who helped

So now I wait for the next steps to get the repairs done



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