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Arrived home

John and I are home on our boats now

After reading the air ticket saga you will know We were given tickets and $500 to get to LAX to connect to our next part of the Journey home
Max and Rachael (owners) came and met us and went over the boat as they were preparing to go on holiday on the boat a week after we left
Sitting talking to them was really interesting as Max is designing a smaller space rocket which will take small satellites up to space and what makes it even more of a challenge is their team is using 3D printers to achieve results and seem to be winning
Rachael works for the government helping bring innovative improvements into public transport systems and was really interesting to talk to as well

Rachael and Max helped us arranging for the USA customs and immigrations officials to come to us and stamp us into the country and they were really accommodating and when John was presented with a USD 500 fine for entering on an ESTA entry permit instead of a B1/B2 visa Max just pa…
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Day 13 Newport trip

Start of Day 14

Position: 40° 39.8787' N 071° 09.1321' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing slowly
Last night we had almost no winds so its very slow and it could mean we only arrive very late in the night tonight.

People: we are both fine
Speed: 2 to 3 KTS
Wind: 4 kts Easterly
Distance 74 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: ok sailing conditions for very light winds

24-hour mileage: 74 miles with around 50 miles still to go to Newport with an estimate of 1806 miles sailed of the 1856 total miles

It was very slow last night but we had to be vigilant because we are near New York and there is a lot of shipping traffic to look out for and then at 5 am the fog set in and you could see nothing but you could hear the ships horns blowing all around.
And amongst that there were sports fishing boats racing around at over twenty knots with visibility down to less than half a mile and at times John said he couldnt see the fron…

Day 12 Newport Trip

Start of Day 13

Position: 39° 30.2631' N 070° 37.1987' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing slowly
Last night we had good winds and we got up to 12 knots of speed at times but this morning the sea has flattened and we are sailing slowly but doing fine
Later the wind will drop even further and we may have to motor for a few hours but we are limited to how many hours so we charge batteries and motor at the same time to get the best out of the diesel
I am so glad I have my Small Honda generator which helps me when I need it but I have to carry a little petrol to get it to work

People: we are both fine
Speed: 4 to 5 KTS
Wind: 5 kts Easterly
Distance 160 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: ok sailing conditions

24-hour mileage: 160 miles with around 125 miles still to go to Newport with an estimate of 1699 miles sailed of the 1856 total miles

Last night the winds were from behind and because of the nature of this boat it…

Day 11 Newport Trip

Start of Day 12

Position: 36° 54.6174' 069° 50.2833' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing very fast
Last night we put away the Gennaker and opened the Genoa and it was a good idea as the winds picked up and we were bulleting along all night and even touching 11 knots at times and are now much closer to arriving
I still like taking longer and having a more stable and easy ride and John has a *need for Speed* and pushes the boat to its limits but we just put the Gennaker back up and now we will go even faster I expect

Well now while writing all hell broke loose and we were seriously overpowered so out we went and put the sails back to the previous configuration and now we are sailing well again. The wind subsides just long enough to give a sense that its dropping then it sends a long gust to put a thumb to its nose and say I got you again ha ha so we have decided to keep the genoa out and let it play its games and we will just ride the wind given

People: we are both…

Day 10 Newport trip

Start of Day 11

Position: 34° 05.3040' N 068° 43.5316' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing again YAY
We had a day of no wind except for short gusts and we bobbed to my delight but John and I differ greatly in that regard as he wants to keep moving all the time and I am happy to wait for the wind
Our Diesel is at a premium and is being rationed so we cannot simply motor and because the agreement was to save it until the last bit of the journey because we may have fog going into Newport we will need the engine. that is why we simply had to wait it out but this morning at 5 am the wind started coming through and picked up to 10 knots and now we are sailing with the full main sail up and a huge gennaker sail and barreling along at 7 to 8 knots speed over ground
We expect the winds to get stronger as we close in on Newport but die just before the port
People: we are both fine
Speed: 7 to 8 KTS
Wind: 10 kts South Westerly
Distance 69 miles sailed yesterday
Course: tru…

Day 9 Newport Trip

Start of Day 10

Position: 32° 56.6123' N 068° 50.6773' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are motoring
We get short gusts of wind from time to time and it gets us going for 10 minutes and then stops so we are constantly putting out and rolling up sails and also stopping engines and starting engines because the wind drives us faster than the engine does but it doesnt last long
I can just imagine how it must have been for the the old days sailors who had no engines and they spent days wallowing with no chance of moving forward
At least we have an engine albeit with now very limited diesel to fuel it. We left Grenada with 173 liters diesel and have had to motor over 63 hours due to no wind and another 18 hours to charge batteries because this boat has no solar or wind alternative power sources and the Lithium batteries although they are great in supplying power you have to nurse them well and make sure you dont let them discharge too much as well as be careful you dont overcha…

The Stove Incident

The Stove Incident

I arrived in Trinidad to look at Crazy Sophia and settled in with getting the work done and because i was living on the boat with the kind permission of Powerboats i connected the gas to the stove and arranged to get the fridge working the shore power on and some coffee and Milk to make me feel comfortable (those were the important ones because lunches were served on the street at a really good price for great local food
Friends of mine from Shady Lady were going shopping and i asked them to arrange a kettle for me and they did with happiness

THe next morning I light up the stove and that was when I noticed the copper coloured filler around one of the burners but the plate worked well and Coffee was easy and for the next three weeks while the boat work was going on all was well except that the Brazilian Gas bottle could not be filled in Trinidad and it was huge and was staining the deck with rust. One of the other boats in the boatyard was giving away two Campingaz …