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 January 2 2023 Hi all After the dragging incident I couldnt safely sail to Grenada so just before I left to come and spend Christmas and New Year with Nicholas, Kristel and Max I had to take Galileo out of the water and leave it on the hard to be sure the waves didnt break the duct tape sealing the gaping hole in the Hull and sing her while i was gone. Check the bandage The Insurance Company handling the claim against the boat Triskell that hit me was quite vicious to me accusing me of being an opportunist and looking for a windfall and then threatening me that they would do nothing to sort out my claim but a Surveyor who came to the boat and did the survey of the damage intervened and helped me and the good news is the contractor has been paid in advance to carry out the repairs on Galileo I must say it was really stressful being left on tenderhooks but the Insurance administrator Marc from France achieved his goal in metering out the worst dose of abuse on me to ensure i went throug