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Day 10 Newport trip

Start of Day 11

Position: 34° 05.3040' N 068° 43.5316' W

Boat: All good with the boat and we are sailing again YAY
We had a day of no wind except for short gusts and we bobbed to my delight but John and I differ greatly in that regard as he wants to keep moving all the time and I am happy to wait for the wind
Our Diesel is at a premium and is being rationed so we cannot simply motor and because the agreement was to save it until the last bit of the journey because we may have fog going into Newport we will need the engine. that is why we simply had to wait it out but this morning at 5 am the wind started coming through and picked up to 10 knots and now we are sailing with the full main sail up and a huge gennaker sail and barreling along at 7 to 8 knots speed over ground
We expect the winds to get stronger as we close in on Newport but die just before the port
People: we are both fine
Speed: 7 to 8 KTS
Wind: 10 kts South Westerly
Distance 69 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: its pretty flat at the moment but beautiful sailing conditions

24-hour mileage: 69 miles with around 461 miles still to go to Newport with an estimate of 1455 miles sailed of the 1856 total miles

The last few nights I have been seeing this phenomenon which looks like an aeroplane with its landing light on coming towards us at around 9 pm and it stays in the sky for hours before disappearing. Last night I showed it to John and we speculated on what it could be because the aeroplane speculation had to go on the second time I saw it
Well it turns out we have a spectacular view of a comet in all its glory and i must say its amazing to see the trail it leaves behind it in an unpolluted sky.

Yesterday I put out the Fishing line and up to now i have caught four large bunches of seaweed but its still worth the trying. I havent mastered the reel though because i keep getting the line over-running as I let it loose and then it takes me time to unravel the knots.

Johns weather predictions are showing that we should have wind now for the rest of the trip and it will get quite strong from time to time so changing sails will be practiced

Yesterday the owners who have become very friendly with John asked if as a result of the lack of wind we had enough supplies to see us through so when John emailed them back he told them that when they had given us the money to provision for the trip we had spent extra and bought provisions for at least an extra week (maybe i made that two) and we are definitely ok for food
When we arrive we will go into our third period of Quarantine while we wait for our flights out of USA but it seems the USA will accept the two weeks we have been isolated on the boat as an acceptable time in recompense and so we will be tested and wait two days for our test results and if they are negative we should be released into USA to become vulnerable to the virus spreaders there.
We also have certificates showing we left Grenada virus free so that helps as well
And a minimum of two tests more after that should see us virus free on out boats in just under two weeks all going well

In Grenada I found Marmite in the big store there and we bought long life bread so at 12 midday John has taken to cooking us an egg and two slices of fried brown bread toast with an amazing spread of marmite on the toast (as we call it) so what a treat

They say you should Go to a new place you have never seen at least once every year Now that could mean a new store for some but for me its a new place somewhere in the world and I have never been to Newport so this is a first once again. I have been to very many places around that area like New York Boston and Long Island and and but this will be my first time in Newport so i will achieve again. And then later i will also see the Tuomatu islands so double bonus

I wish you all a wonderful day



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