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Day 6 Newport trip

Start of Day 7

Position: 27° 24.9485' N 066° 46.6755' W

Boat: All good with the boat and sailing very slowly.
Last Night after low winds all day we put the Code 5 away and were preparing for the night sail when all hel broke loose and 40knots of wind came out of nowhere and I was on the foredeck sorting out the furler which was jamming when it hit well as you can imagine a drowning rat finishing the work as quickly as possible because if the sail came loose in that wind it would have shredded and we may have landed in the water (broaching)
This morning at 2 am John decided to motor as the wind had died again and we have been motoring for 7 hours until we put another bigger sail up and tried that one but still there is not enough wind so we are motoring again

People: we are both fine
Speed: 5 to 5.5 KTS
Wind: 3 kts south easterly
Distance 138 miles sailed yesterday
Course: true , to Newport Rode island
Conditions: good with average swells of 0.5 m

24-hour mileage: 138 miles with around 868 miles still to go to Newport and now past half way

Not Much to report today because its calm and we are motoring in a very sticky heat
Last night after the storm squall it cleared up and because the moon is waning the stars were out in their glory and WOW is all i can say
When there is absolutely no light pollution to spoil nature its amazing and whats even better is if there are no clouds i will enjoy that for another three nights before the Night glow of the USA cities light pollution spoils it for me
John tells me the owners have booked the boat onto a marina for a week so we can use fresh water to clean it for them and then they will put us onto a bouy out in the bay until our departure and they have agreed to cover the costs of our arrival covid tests so we only hae two days of quarantine.
Either way we will still have to stay safe from the Covid Zombies in USA while we wait (they say its still a hot hot spot but so was Brazil when we were there)
More than that I just hope there arent any more delays in our flights back to french Polynesia



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