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Start of June 10th 2020

June 10th 2020

Position: 04° 21.4794' N 048° 45.6867' W

Boat: THe engine got hot last night but we caught it before it overheated so we were very lucky and this am when it got light we redid the grub screw and put a hose clamp on it so it will be kept in place longer and cant work its way loose. When we get to grenada we will take the pump off and get a keyway made and then the problem will be solved.
Water is good again and we are back using it

wind Last night Was really light and with no engine we were really slow but flat seas and no wind allowed comfortable sleep. Its picked up a little but is still slow and we are motoring with the weather projections telling us it should start blowing at 11 am but we all know the weather forecasters simply cannot get it right
Never mind they said the wind would be blowing us toward Grenada at good speeds they got the direction wrong for another full day and to add we went into a zone where the current was countered just north of the Amazon river so we had a strong current against us for the whole nigh and this morning its still against us but not as strong

People: we are both ok
Boat Speed: 4 to 6 KTS under motor
Wind: 6 kts from westerly
Distance 88 miles in 24 hours miles sailed and motoring (what a disaster) with a total of 1128 miles sailed so far and approximately 902 miles of the 2030 miles to go until we arrive in St Georges Grenada for quarantine
We are expecting an ETA of who knows now i will work it out later
Course: true ,Directly to Grenada
Conditions: tiny ripples on the water

We were busy yesterday with the Genoa overwinding and it took two hours to get the knot loose and all the while we were working we were sailing straight towards land to release pressure on the rope snd unroll it. Fortunately working as a team we got it sorted out and were back on our way very slowly. Good thing was while on the front of the boat the waves were washing over me from time to time and i got a good wash because of it but the negative was i got a bit sun burned because i couldnt keep my hat on and the sun got to me so i had to rest earlier but this am i am fine again and full of chirp
As I said we had issue with the raw water pump and we had to fix it this am and we hope it works again
THis Boat does not have a chart plotter so i am using my Samsung Tablet with Opencpn to compensate and i am once again really impressed with Opencpn and how well it can substitute as a chart plotter. To put it in perspective a name brand chart plotter comes with extras but the computer display part costs around USD8000 and my tablet with the charts etc cost USD 89 in walmart three years ago
and upgrades are free
Its getting more and more challenging to make good recipes for our dinners because the vegetables are basically finished and so now i have to innovate with tins and pastas but so far its going well.
if you want info on what i prepare let me know and i will ad a paragraph telling all but i am also constrained that I have to try and use everything we have on the boat that will not last until we come back to finish this delivery

The sunset last night was a picture perfect one and its really difficult to put into words how good that makes me feel. it lasted for at least an hour while we enjoyed our dinner

As you will all have noticed we have crossed the Equator again on our journey and there is a special ceremony for a first timer where they are doused in flour tomato sauce and anything yuk and then made to write a scroll of all the things that they have done wrong on the boat up to the crossing which is read to Neptune and his forgiveness requested then the skipper has to meter out Neptunes punishment and a drink of proper rum is offered and the journey can continue. As you can imagine depending on the atmosphere on the boat what the Skipper can come up with as punishments can be fun but nasty too so even though its all fun its terrible for the firs timer who can have tomato sauce in their hair mixed with flour for days
Because John and I have many crossings and there is no alcohol on board at all we cant offer tithes but we salute Neptune and doze off like old men

For those of you who want to hear more you can reply and ask me

Have a wonderful day all of you



  1. Loving reading about your trip. Stay safe and stay strong. Much love from Kev and I


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