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Start 13th June 2020

June 13th 2020

Position: 09° 00.8762' N 056° 09.9336' W

Boat: Same as yesterday. We did some checking on the selector and it went into reverse and it went into forward gear but we cannot test it because when the boat is doing 8 to 9 knots the propeller is turning faster from the drag of the boat than the engine turns it so we will wait until the winds slow down and test it then

wind Last night Was was strong and we sailed very fast even though we still have reefed both the main sail and the genoa down to two reefs
Average sailing speed for the day was just over 8 knots (14.95 KM per hour)

People: we are both ok
Boat Speed: 7 to 12 KTS under sails
Wind: 14 kts from North
Distance 193 miles in 24 hours miles sailed with a total of 1646 miles sailed so far and approximately 384 miles of the 2030 miles to go until we arrive in St Georges Grenada for quarantine
We are expecting an ETA of June 15 at around lunchtime if conditions stay the same
Course: true ,Directly to Grenada around the north tip of Tobago
Conditions: Swells are 1.6 m and the big ones still throw the boat around

We sailed all day yesterday at a great rate and made good speed so although we were thrown about by the big swell in a washing machine
With us coming closer to Grenada we have contacted Alistair and Ingrid and they have offered to help us while we are in Quarantine by getting us spring water fresh veggies and all the other nice things we may need. They will also get us airtime for whatsapp and look after Crazy Sophia while we are away. The Grenada authorities have set up places for us to collect those and go back to the boat so no contact is made during the 14 days (Covid controls)

Having email available on the boat has helped a lot with John being able to chat to bev and help her on things she needed when she has been repairing all sorts of things on their boat so that everything is good for them when John gets back
And I can load blogs and chat to friends

For three days we didnt see any Sarghasm weed but as we get closer to the Caribbean islands its coming back with a vengence so i think many beaches along the Eastern coasts of the inlands will be smelling of the Sulphurous rot that it gives as it rots but I am sure those communities are used to it by now and probably only curse when trying to bring their Fishing boats through it in the mornings and it jams their propellers

Have a wonderful weekend Saturday



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