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June 7th 2020

June 7th 2020

Position: 00° 36.4707' N 043° 33.4697' W

Boat: All seems well with the boat and she is sailing fast even with the light winds we are experiencing
Our water in the water tanks has developed a peculiar taste and so now we are boiling it before we use it and I am sure it will be ok and i also have enough emergency water in bottles to see us the rest of the way to Grenada should it be required

wind We have light winds but are still able to sail and going very well considering
People: we are both ok
Boat Speed: 5 to 7 KTS
Wind: 8 kts North easterly
Distance 142 miles in 24 hours miles sailed with a total of 740 miles sailed so far and approximately 1280 miles of the 2020 miles to go until we arrive
Course: true ,Directly to Grenada
Conditions: good with a bit of rolling

24-hour mileage: expecting around 142 miles which is still really good even though we have current helping us

Yesterday we had a strange thing happen to us while sailing slowly along. I called John out of the cabin and showed him what looked like a wave coming at us and the fact that we were 300 km offshore made it seem weird. Well the wave kept coming and it was big so when it arrived it was broadside and it really rocked the boat and the sea turned into a huge washing machine behind it which threw us about for around 10 to 15 minutes and then the sea went flat only to have another wave form on the horizon and head toward us and the process started all over again for five consecutive waves and then it disappeared and there were no more
I thought it was some sort of undersea earthquake with mini tsunamis but John is convinced it was the effects of the river in Soa Louis around 300 km away so we agreed to disagree and carried on sailing in idyllic conditions. John messaged Bev to ask her to check if there were any reported tremors but none were reported convincing him more on his theory but i am still having doubts because of distance

Then Last night we had a visitor for the night and i am not sure what kind of bird it was but it perched on the solar panels and slept there all night and on my 3 am shift it waited for the first light to start showing and it flew off with a goodbye fly past and disappeared

When we go cruising we wish for the flat seas perfect winds and comfort along the way and i must say that Crazy Sophia has been good with that on this run back to Grenada so far. She is a very well balanced boat and sails very fast for her size and design. I am no expert on design but compared to Mrs Opela (my wife) everything is set out to balance the weight of the boat while she is sailing the fuel tank is in the center of the boat the two water tanks are equally place on either side of the boat to balance her and that is why she is much faster. On Opela though i have loads more storage to hide my junk and i think that adds to why she is just a little slower other than the 3 ft shorter which also add speed to Crazy Sophia

I have installed a yellow plastic sheet to keep myself out of the sun and protect me and it covers as a rain shield stopping the water raining directly into the cabin which is a blessing. only problem is when the wind blows harder it makes a huge noise from the flapping

I hauled out the Kindle as well and am reading Philosophy again in my spare time and when i finish this one i am going back to Novels because they are easier to read and i dont doze off as much when reading them

John and Bev have set up a routine for being in contact and he becomes very happy when she comes on to chat to him but the iridium tests his patience every time because it goes through dead patches and causes delays in the communications and its slow.

So another interesting day ahead for us



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