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Start 15th June 2020

June 14th 2020

Position: 11° 14.2745' N 059° 56.4821' W

Boat: Same as yesterday.

Yesterday we had all sorts of wind ranging from no wind to 18 knots with lots of rain
Variable from North and west

People: we are both ok

Boat Speed: 0 to 8 KTS under sails

Distance 124 miles in 24 hours miles sailed with a total of 1912 miles sailed so far and approximately 118 miles of the 2030 miles to go until we arrive in St Georges Grenada for quarantine of 14 days
We are expecting an ETA of June 16 at around lunchtime if conditions stay the same
Course: true ,Directly to Grenada around the north tip of Tobago
Conditions: Swells are 1.5 m and the big ones still throw the boat around

So yesterday we spent the day between rain and squalls and changing sails from pole out to pole down and the rest of the time we were mailing friends and anyone we needed help from Alistair and Ingrid are helping a lot already with Advice and arranging things for us
We have been given permission to go directly to the anchorage and we dont have to sail onto the jetty as we thought we would have to
So now we will sail up to the anchorage and put the chain and rope down that Brian lent us because the water is deep there
Last night John and I discussed our plans for when we get there and now i have to make some preparations because when we left Brazil I put the anchor into the anchor locker so we didnt have banging along out passage and now i have to put it all back to normal

When John wrote to the Grenada authorities yesterday and told them we were expecting to arrive tonight they were flabbergasted and immediately wrote back saying you cant be serious because we were too quick Well that made John smile a lot and i went about checking our speed over the whole trip and it turns out we averaged 6.33 Kts over the distance so far and that is excellent and now we will slow down a little because we agree that its safer to sail onto an Anchor in daylight than in the middle of the night

Our weather men are not doing well with local weather because they keep saying no rain then there is rain and wind is there but it isnt Now we all know thats because of Local Weather Conditions and not the bigger picture but still i think the weathermen are politicians in practice. THe say a lot and most of what they say are lies but we believe them anyway and even place our lives in their hands at times
If ever i want to go into politics I will first study the weather and how to present it and then Geology again as those are the two sciences closest to politics (mayby Medicine as well because the Doctors ask you whats wrong and then tell you what you have is a fancy name for what you told them anyway)

Anyway breakfast time and then get the boat ready

Have a wonderful weekday



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