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Day 5 of Quarantine

June 20th 2020 QD5

Position: We are in the quarantine anchorage in Grenada with Anchor down

Boat: Gearbox is re-installed and now we are waiting for the raw water pump so we can test it again

wind Its been howling for the last few days and its good that we are at anchorage because the wind can flow through the boat and keep us cool
We are expecting a big blow tomorrow so we have to be prepared

People: We are both ok and happy
Alistair and Ingrid went shopping for us again and brought treasures like fresh vegetables and some more chicken
John had asked Alistair to get beers and he obliged so between us so we can have beer o clock again but in moderation

We are in day 5 of quarantine and its really funny because when I was at the quarantine dock i asked for feedback about the virus free certificates we submitted on arrival and if out 14 days would be reduced. Their response is as follows 'We have no proof that you did not stop on the way from getting the certificate to the boat and contract the virus at this time so we reject your request" So i asked them about the 14 days we were at sea and if that did not count for anything and the answers are "we have no proof that you did not stop in a contaminated area on your way and because you came from Brazil which is a hotspot we will not take that time into consideration"
So in effect they suspect us of getting tested stopped at the supermarket or whorehouse on our way to the boat and then on our way we met a clandestine ship 200 miles offshore and contracted the disease
THe good thing is we now have a test date of the 30th of June and then we may or may not be allowed to clear into the country depending on how many stops we make at other contaminated yachts on our way to the jetty

On arrival John took the gearbox out and the raw water pump and I took them into shore and handed them to health officials who sterilised them and handed them to mechanics
Matthew the gearbox guy opened and cleaned the unit and phoned me to tell me the oil was so dirty it was no surprise the plates were slipping and now that he had cleaned it we should test it so the put it back together and i collected it and John re-installed it
Now we wait for the raw water pump and we will install that and then we can test the engine again as well however the tale of two mechanical workshops is bleak
Matthew and Sim the mechanics for now got the different pieces and because Sim supplied the pump we chose him do fix it Well Now Matthew got the gearbox did his stuff and had it back to us the same day whereas Sim collected the pump did not look at ti until 2 days later and then phoned and said we should order a new part at $300 plus his labour not specified
The phone call later was to ask him to make a plan with the old one and he was clear he didnt think it was a good idea but he would do it and it would still cost $300 so no choice but to pay and that way we may get the pump back on Monday or Tuesday and then I can try the gearbox
Sim told me I can run the engine without the pump but only for a very short time but i am not prepared to take that chance

Today I pulled John up the mast to loosen a rope that was wound around the shrouds and had to be cut and also to put a line up for the Grenada and quarantine flags and doing other small jobs
Good thing is we get to swim from the back of the boat to refresh and bath

Having Alistair and Ingrid (they live in Grenada now and were on Baltic Sun before) covering our backs is like having guardian angels on your shoulder all the time
Yesterday they went shopping for us again and brought quarantine treasures to the Jetty for us Beer Old brown Sherry chips potatoes fresh veggies water and much more to spoil us its amazing and I cant thank them enough but i will find a way somehow. Friends come to help when you need them its so awesome

Last night I broke the rules of Quarantine but i simply couldnt ignore another sailor in need. THe solo sailor on the boat next to me was trying to take his sail down and as it opened i saw it rip so i dived into the dingy and went over to help get it down quickly and we managed but unfortunately by the time I got there the sail had ripped about halfway down the luff. We folded it and had a short conversation which included an offer of rum but i was cooking and had to get back before i got caught and we agreed we will have the rum after quarentine

With the sim Alistair arranged for me i have been able to chat with mom Nicholas and others and its been great to keep the time busy
I am still reading Philosophy books but its time to change because i am becoming Cynical form too much challenging of status
And Of course the news around the world does not help with that

So 9 days left before we can go on land and lets see what happens



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