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Start 14th June 2020

June 14th 2020

Position: 10° 12.0030' N 058° 08.3712' W

Boat: Same as yesterday. Selector problem persists and we now know the clutches are worn so the job will have to be done in Grenada when we arrive

Yesterday we had all sorts of wind ranging from no wind to 40 knots in a big squall on my shift in the night
Variable from North and west

People: we are both ok

Boat Speed: 0 to 8 KTS under sails

Distance 137 miles in 24 hours miles sailed with a total of 1786 miles sailed so far and approximately 244 miles of the 2030 miles to go until we arrive in St Georges Grenada for quarantine of 14 days
We are expecting an ETA of June 16 at around lunchtime if conditions stay the same
Course: true ,Directly to Grenada around the north tip of Tobago
Conditions: Swells are 1.5 m and the big ones still throw the boat around

We sailed all day yesterday because we could not get the gearbox to engage and it was slow
This morning it started raining heavily on my 3 am shift and 5 hours later its still bucketting down and i had to go forward to change sails twice so i am saturated
Our washing machine is still on spin dry

Right now we are moving forward at 2 knots and being thrown all over the show but we are moving forward and we expect the wind to pick up soon and then we will barrel along at good speed

With the gearbox giving troubles we will have to reverse onto the quarantine jetty so its like i am back in Panama again but on a different boat there i was the laughing stock of the whole marina when I reversed for miles with only one propeller blade on mmy shaft to get to the marina so i could fix the hole caused by hitting the log (another journal to come)

While we are sailing today i will contact the mechanics at Palmtree marine and ask Mike about fixing the gearbox and I hope we can do it while we are still in quarantine but we will see

Have a wonderful weekend Sunday



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